OKAMOTO, Akira (岡 本 章: 岡山大学教授)
       Professor, Okayama University.  e-mail: okamot-a(at)okayama-u.ac.jp

       Ph.D., Kyoto University

Research Interests:
       Public Economics, Social Security, Economic Demography, Regional Revitalization

Awards and Fellowships:
       Fulbright Award (2010): University of California, Berkeley (フルブライト奨学金研究員)

       Abe Fellowship (2015): University of California, Berkeley (安倍フェロー



Refereed Journal Articles: (* Web of Science publication papers)

Other Publications:

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Work in Progress:

Refereeing (Reviewing) Experience:

     ・ National Tax Journal   ・ The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy ・ Review of Income and Wealth

     ・ International Economic Journal  ・ Socio-Economic Planning Sciences ・ Journal of Pension Economics and Finance

     ・ Japan and the World Economy (2) ・ Journal of the Japanese and International Economies (2)

     ・ Review of Socionetwork Strategies  ・ Economic Science ・ Palgrave Macmillan (book proposal)

     ・ 日本財政学会叢書 『財政研究』 (2)  ・ 『会計検査研究』 (2)

Social Contribution: