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Vas-cog Asia 3
Jointing with APSC2014 in Taipei
September 12 (FRI)

Vas-Cog Asia was founded in 2012 in Tokyo at APSC 2012. Whilst independent from the Asia Pacific Stroke Organisation (APSO), it maintains close links organizing joint workshops at the Asia Pacific Stroke Conference (APSC) with the 1st in Tokyo 2012, the 2nd in Hong Kong 2013, and the 3rd in Taipei 2014.

Mission Statement

The objective of Vas-Cog Asia is to focus on brain health in Asia where rapidly aging societies with are faced with an increasing prevalence of dementia which may be more related to cerebrovascular risk factors than in the West. This society will promote scientific and social understanding of vascular risk factors for dementia in Asia, and therefore will contribute Asian perspectives on the prevention and treatment of this important disease for all Asian clinicians and scientists interested in stroke.

Organizing Comittee Members

Vas-Cog Asia directors

as of October 31, 2017





E-mail address


Koji Abe




Okayama University

Toshiya Fukui



Kawasaki Memorial H.

Ryuichi Morishita



Osaka University

Shinichiro Uchiyama



Int’l. U. Health & Welfare

Kazuo Kitagawa



Tokyo Women’s Med. U.

Yoshio Ikeda



Gunma University

Toru Yamashita

山下 徹


Okayama University


Dehua Chui

(Publication Chair)

崔 徳華


Peking University

Yan-Jiang Wang

王 延江


Third Military Medical U.

Jianquan Shi



Nanjing Medical U.


Hee-Joon Bae

裵 熙俊


Seoul National U.

Hong Kong

Vincent Mok

莫 仲棠

Hong Kong

Chinese U. of Hong Kong


Tsong-Hai Lee

(Secretary General)

李 宗海


Chang Gung Memorial H.

Ming-Chyi Pai

白 明奇


National Cheng Kung U.

Chaur-Jong Hu

(Scientific Chair)

胡 朝榮


Taipei Medical U.


Simeon Marasigan


U. Santo Tomas Hosp.


Vorapun Senanarong

(Membership Chair)


Mahidol University


Man Mohan Mehndiratta

New Delhi

Delhi University

Suvarna Alladi


Nizam's Institute

Amitabha Ghosh


Apollo Gleneagles Hosp.







Phillip Poi

Kuala Lumpur

University of Malaya

Kay Sin Tan

Kuala Lumpur

University of Malaya


Nagaendran Kandiah

(Education Chair)


Singapore National U.


Paulus Anam Ong


Padjadjaran University


Ramesh Sahathevan


Ballarat Health Service

(*) Honorary Presidents: Shinichiro Uchiyama (Japan), Ken Nagata (Japan), Byung-Woo Yoon (Korea),
Man Mohan Mehndiratta (India), Christopher Chen (Singapore)

The articles of Vas-Cog Asia society

(Effective from December 1, 2015)

(1) Vas-Cog Asia is an independent society which is dedicated to elucidate the mechanism of vascular factors on dementia primarily in Asian people who has more vascular factors than those in other world area, to develop diagnostic tool/criteria, and to contribute towards developing potential therapy for Asian dementia people.

(2) Vas-Cog Asia society may jointly organize Vas-Cog Asia meeting in conjunction with APSC (Asia Pacific Stroke Conference) to be completely established and also to contribute more for APSC meeting.

(3) Vas-Cog Asia society is composed of regular members, directors, and executive committee (EXCO) members. Vas-Cog Asia society shall regularly publish a newsletter or a journal either independently or jointly with related societies.

(4) One can apply for a member with a recommendation letter from a director, which needs an approval of the director committee. A member is interested in basic and/or clinical sciences of Vas-Cog field, can present a scientific data in the annual meeting, and is entitled to receive occasional notices and an annual newsletter/journal from the society. There is no membership fee for a following few years from 2015.

(5) Directors are the active core members of the society, and thus have to support the society by, for example, attending the annual meeting and actively participating in the scientific presentations and discussions. Directors are also requested to encourage young fellows from their own and other institutions for attending the annual meeting, delivering presentations, and becoming members.

(6) There is no time frame or age limitation of a directorship as long as the person is active in the society. However, a director loses the directorship when becoming inactive, for example absent in 3 consecutive annual meetings.

(7) A new director can be nominated and elected in the annual directors meeting from Asia, based on the dedication and publications on Vas-Cog field. A few directors from Australia and New Zealand are also welcome.

(8) Vas-Cog Asia EXCO will consist of the President, Secretary General, Publication Chair, Education Chair, and Membership Chair. EXCO member is nominated and elected from the directors, and the EXCO membership lasts for 2 years, with 1 renewal for a total of 4 years.



Vas-Cog Asia 5

jointing with APSC2016 in Brisbane

Date: July 14 (Thu) 2016, pm 1:30-5:05

Venue: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC, Brisbane, Australia)

Vas-Cog Asia website:

APSC2016 website:

Tentative program of Vas-Cog Asia 5 (Brisbane, July 14, 2016) as of February 19

pm 1:30-1:40 Welcome address (Bernard Yan and Koji Abe)
pm 1:40-3:00

Lecture 1

(15 min talk +
5 min discussion)
Chair: Simeon Marasigan (Manilla) and Shinichiro Uchiyama (Tokyo)
pm 1:40-2:00 Toshiki Mizuno (Kyoto)
pm 2:00-2:20 Toru Yamashita (Okayama)
Cerebrovascular remodeling in Alzheimer’s pathology
pm 2:20-2:40 Chaur-Jong Hu (Taipei)
Cerebral venous outflow impairment in dementia patients
pm 2:40-3:00 Yan-Jiang Wang (Chongqing)
Physiological clearance of amyloid-beta in the periphery and its potential application for the therapy of Alzheimer's disease
pm 3:00-3:20 Group photo and Coffee break
pm 3:20-3:40

Young flash talks
(3 min talk +
2 min discussion)
Chair: Hee-Joon Bae (Seoul) and Vincent Mok (Hong Kong)
(1) Ryuta Morihara (Okayama): Progressive Alzheimer’s pathology after cerebral ischemia in rats
(2) Jun Wang (Chongqing): Associations between a capsaicin-rich diet and blood amyloid-beta levels and cognitive function in a middle aged cohort
(3) Yumiko Nakano (Okayama): Post-stroke high conversion into dementia in an elder country
(4) Tsong-Hai Lee (Taipei): Sarcopenia and cognitive impairment
pm 3:40-5:00

Lecture 2

(10 min talk +
5 min discussion)
Chair: Dehua Chui (Beijing) and Paulus Anam Ong (Bandung)
pm 3:40-4:00 Vorapun Senanarong (Bangkok)
TOAST or ASCOD for vascular dementia or AD with CVD
pm 4:00-4:20 Koji Abe (Okayama)
Vascular risk factors in Alzheimer’s diseases
pm 4:20-4:40 Man Mohan Mehndiratta (New Delhi)
Vascular dementia - current therapeutic options
pm 4:40-5:00 Yoshio Ikeda (Tokyo)
Neuroimaging in dementia
pm 5:00-5:05 Closing remarks (Tsong-Hai Lee and Koji Abe)

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