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Many species of chemical compounds are found in the living cell, each of which is converted or metabolized to another by enzymatic reactions. Metabolism is considered to be a network composed of chemical compounds constituting living cells. Remarkable recent progress in analyses of genome, transcriptome, and proteome enables us to assume the whole metabolic pathways/networks of various cells, tissues, and organs from various species. On the other hand, each of metabolic networks reconstructed using various "-ome" information usually contains a lot of reactions, which requires methodology for understanding and predicting functions of large metabolic networks as an organic whole. The metabolism group is interested in

and developing methodologies for atom-level analyses of metabolic networks and a database, IMAC, for such atom-level analyses. We expect that research on structure-function relationship in metabolic networks promotes understanding of pathophysiology of metabolic disorders in human, metabolic features of pathogenic microorganisms, and metabolic function of each organs in human. We sincerely hope to contribute to medical sciences and medicine through these research activities.

IMAC is a database of inter- and intra-metabolite atom-level connectivity. IMAC is ready for use on GNU Octave.

Principal Investigator

Jun Ohta, M.D.& Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

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